I believe that the artist, with perhaps deeper understanding than most men, and with the necessary craft, is able to guide us along the path to reconnect with the divine. A work of art helps capture the beauty in everything around us, though we might be blind to it in our everyday routines.”

As an artist and believer in the power of empathy, I hope to convey certain ideals through my varied pieces of artwork. People are defined by their interconnectivity, or lack thereof. My art delves into and references the subliminal public-private spaces inhabited by individuals on the margins of societies and the dichotomies that they bring out. By photographing or painting individuals as they are, in their most intimate moments alone or with their counterparts; I aim to capture the truth about all men: that they are created equal.

Although I had completed my degree in International Politics, I always had a keen interest in the arts. My artwork speaks to the traditional value systems and human connections that transcend the frenetic pace of modern development, often in the most commonly misunderstood communities and regions around the world. My works are diverse in their subject matter, but all speak to a common goal. I am capturing a society that is facing unprecedented changes at a great speed while maintaining its ancestral integrity.

As a current resident of New York City, I dedicate great time, energy and focus to interfaith community building, cultural, educational and business initiatives all within the overarching sphere of empathy between peoples and countries. This is best seen in my work relating to female empowerment. Women are rapidly becoming more empowered in our society, which is necessary to maintain the balance between masculine and feminine. I have seen how this change is clashing with traditional customs, and seek to explore this contrast through my work. My images may be aesthetically pleasing, but their main goal is to arouse an intellectual, emotional, and even spiritual awakening in the viewer. I believe my artwork is making great strides in attaining its goal.

I have held exhibitions worldwide and have a growing collector base in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. Among other global leaders and eminent heads of state, I recently painted the President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. I am also heavily involved in multiple intercultural and interfaith businesses and projects and regularly conduct workshops and lecture tours on these subjects, aiming to spread the message of my artwork. Currently, I am working closely with multi-national corporations, institutions, and governments, such as the Center for Ethnic Racial and Religious Understanding (CERRU) in New York, to devise investment and development strategies with a cross-cultural and interfaith emphasis. As the Creative Director of the Ibrahim Family Foundation, I have also been involved in creating international interfaith programs for students across America and the Middle East.

I hope that my artwork is able to catalyze the transformation I feel is so necessary for the progression of our society.